ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
11th Nov 2015

My neighnour planted a pawpaw and ever since he never saw the pawpaw germinate, he forgot about it and over months the place turns to dumping ground, months went by, we all forgot about it.

Then a new system came, the community bought the trash can and we were then obligated to throw our dirts inside. This absolutely made us forgot to ever go to check on the pawpaw,

But one day, after many years, my neighbour fell sick and the village doctor prescribed some herbal concoction which includes a pawpaw fruit.

We were up and down searching for pawpaw, all we saw weren’t ripe enough. So we decided to go home but at a time I felt an urge to urinate. I stepped closer to the bush and coincidentally it happens to be the exact place we planted the pawpaw long ago.

The first thing that caught my eyes were the yellow glints of the robust fruit, I shouted and my neighbour came to see also, but even though I never remember we planted anything there, he could reminisce at once that it was his fruit.

It was a moment of joy as we plucked as many as we wanted and even weeded the place for the pawpaw to flourish more,
My neighbour got well and since then there was never a day he woudn’t go to nourish the pawpaw.

For the fact that they crush your flower now doesn’t mean they won’t come later when they need its frangnance.
Not all man will have a flourish start, and if that’s the case then we are assigned to bring out the treasure in us, hustle hard, and make people come begging for a chance just to be with us.

All insults can thus be made a fertilizer, a source of encouragement,
always remember that in the eyes of the world, its to hell with your hardwork.
What they want to see is your Success.

Message from ACEworld

Do you know satan is gay?
We released the part 1 of the revelation recently and now the part 2 is out.
Its not only out but also published on

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