3 key ways to make them yours

Ellen is my dream girl, I love her like God love the world, if that won’t be an understatement but Ellen has been so hard to get for me.
Please what do I do?

This is a question asked by an anonymous and I recommend this article for him, believe me, he came back thanking me and finally subscribed to our RSS feeds.

You might also need it, so read along with us

7 ways to make them yours.

When you love someone, its impossible for you to expect them to automatically love you in return, there are some steps you need to follow and some factors you need to consider.

1. Don’t Hide it:
We can’t be tailouring you on how to know you love someone or not here,

How do you expect God to know you are grateful if you don’t sing or praise him.
You have to let that person know how you feel, don’t expect them to know without telling them because they are not magicians or seers.

Its Simple, walk up to them and tell them your heart.
Its also important how you say it, there are some factors to be taken to consideration, you might need guide on that as well, click here *********

But the most important it don’t ever let pride crop in when expressing yourself, don’t speak of your achievements, speak about your heart.

2. Don’t put them to rush.
Well, I am a computer scientist and I know the steps we take in writing our computer programs.
The more we put our writings to rush, the more we encounter errors, be it syntax, logical, compile time, etc
When we are too eager to put the program to test, we tent to neglect some rules and end up re-writing or debulging.

The other persons brain needs some processing time, give them sometimes to think about it, don’t just expect a reply at instant.

In case the person happen to be somehow stubborn, you just have to calm them by your calmness and let them end up thinking about your request.

3. Leave them not:
Don’t just say your mind, give them time and leave them to it, No, it doesn’t work that way.
That is why there are means of text messages and calls,
You might just call and say you want to check on them, or you want to say Hi
You can text and write a funny or blissful cheering up message to them but don’t

BUT don’t disturb them too much, they might feel chocked and lose their consideration if they already have.

Keep trending on their trails, if you meet them anywhere, stop, open a short dialogue. Smile and make yourslef utmostly presentable.

Well, it might come the way you never expected, they might end up saying No.
You will feel down and discouraged, that is inevitable but don’t fall down and sleep there, stand up and try again. Re-strategize your plans and go again in a formal and more orderly way.

Put the procedures back in line but with more intelligence,
* Tell them again
* Give them time
* Keep watering it

Then I assure you you will end up smilling and come back to thank us. Not only that, you will suscribe to out RSS feeds as well.


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