5 unique ways to know you are in Love

Most people fall in love but they don’t actually know
These unique and outstanding points will stand as a proof.

1. Before you meet:
Have you ever have someone in mind whenever you listen to a love song, read a love story or watch a romantic movie.

Sometimes you will close your eyes during those moment and you find yourself dreaming about the future of both of you,

If you have wished to be together with a particular person even though you both are yet to meet or talk.

Then, you are in Love

2. After you met:
Maybe in the lecture theatre or beside the alley, you find yourself standing in front of him or her, but you notice that your heartbeat rate has increased.

You keep breathing like someone who has just been saved from fallen off a cliff.

If your heart keep pounding and bouncing when in front of him/her,

Then, you are in Love

3. Before he/she concur.
It has been confirmed that 90% of genuine love doesn’t work out automatically, most times the “play hard to get” falls on the feminine side and the man has to do all doings to make it through.

But even after all her acts as if she is the queen of england, you still cannot look away, after she has even washed or insult you in public, you still cannot let go.

If you find yourself trying, trying and trying (without the thoughts of Lust)

Then, you are in love.

4. When he/she agree
Have you ever been so happy that even when someone dump happens to brake your lovely vase, you will still keep on smilling?.

Have your friends ever suspected you of a douth about you being sane or insane?, because of your needless laughter and smiles

When he/she says YES and you keep dancing like a tree whose root has been placed on oscillary motion by wind,

Then, you are in Love

5. Finally when you are dating.
Sometimes you ask yourself, am I dreaming? because you find yourself experiencing what you thought its impossible.

Love is when you take away the feelings, passion and romance of a relationship and you still find out you care for that person.

You can understand this section 5 well if you read
” 10 ingredients of Love”
Read by pasting in search box and click search

Now you have learnt how to know when you are in Love, but how do you accomplish the aim of getting the person you love in your arms?
How do you make them yours

See ” 3 key ways to make them yours” click here https://myaceworld.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/3-key-ways-to-make-them-yours/

Via http://www.myaceworld.wordpressm.com


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