ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
12 Nov 2015

A hunter went to the market one day and he bought a little cat, when the hunter got home, he placed the cat inside a very neat cage.
But whenever the hunter wants to feed the rat, he would first ring a bell then place down the food, the rat would then eat.

This continued for years that the cat had grown to the custom of a bell being rung before it could eat. Not long after, the hunter died.

The community knew how important the hunter was to them and they knew how much he cherished his cat so they took the cat to the palace for better care.

But this cat would refuse to eat, no matter the food placed before it, it will keep looking at them, several measures were taken up to know the reason but no one was about to discern that there had been a custom embedded in the cat that it would never eat if a bell was never rang.

Over time, the cat was getting shrinked and it later died.

LESSON 1 ( To Parents)
Little children and animals are the most difficult creatures to deal with ever.
Once their fragile brain get sticked to a tradition, it doesn’t leave.
The most magnetic substance ever is their brain.

So dear parent, becareful of what you do or say to children, once it enters their brain and mind, well believe me, it has come to stay forever. Show and say to them what is good but keep the bad to yourself.

LESSON 2 (To the World)
Freedom is never given, Its taken.
Unbound yourself from no matter doctrine or custom that had been buried in your mind, neglect some believes that might only keep you breathing but without living.

Religion, Culture, Traditions, none of these is a prison yard. Free your minds so you will be able to open your eyes to see the Good and the Bad for yourself.

Any child now who blindly trend on the path of his fathers is headed to a world behind.
The world has changed, the ways they lived then doesn’t correlate with ours anymore.

Don’t blindly follow their path, create your own path but use theirs as a guild. Ask them questions and they will lead you right. That is how to live Life.

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