ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
13 Nov 2015


Do you see the smiles on their faces
After you have done what you do best
Do you see satisfaction on their faces
After you have blessed them with your gift
You don’t think its much
But to them it means the world

They wake up in the morning and wish you were there
Please don’t lie to gain their trust
You have never won a noble price
They have never seen you on the Television

Your little contributions make their life
A little bit better everyday

You are the Hero
(Cut for Hero by Lucky Dube)


You don’t have to expect the world bowing at your feet before you see yourself as hero.
Anything you do that make someone else feel comfortable or fulfilled makes you an Hero

Remember today, for you could acknowledge our effort of bringing this to you everyday.

And you can say thank you in your heart or make a smile.

You are a hero.

Message from ACEworld

We are very sorry its coming late today, some issues cropped in but its under control.

Visit is at

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