The curtain is closed
The play is ended
We have gathered together at the day’s end
To bid you farewell
To say goodnight

Watching you lay there
You’ve lost the fight to forces higher than you
You’ve let go
You’ve broken my heart

You’re lying there
I’m seated here
Watching you
But you remain motionless
Your eyes are shut
Your face is devoid of expression
I know it
I sense it
The smile I used to know
The smile that used to brighten my morning
Has faded away
And left me in mourning

Your lips have grown cold
Your hands have gone limp at your sides
Your breathe has ceased
Your lips sealed
Never to speak my name
Your feet will never walk in through those doors again
You shall no longer sit in front of your mirror complaining about work
No more smiles for me
No hugs
No kisses
No touch
No more shall you place my hands in yours and call me your angel

Look at you
All dressed in white
Like a bride
A bride awaiting her groom
You lie in your bed
Like a woman awaiting a lover
Problem is
Its just a figure
And your bed – your coffi – your new home

I will never forget us
How we bonded together
Our memories
Happy ones
Our playful cries
Our unending chats
All of which has come to an end