ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
14 nov 2015

Haze will wake every morning, do the chores, then bring out a wooden chair to the veranda of their mud house, their he would sit till night falls.

Other villagers will pass, stop by to greet him, some will throw him a tuber of yam, some cassava, some will give him token as gift.

But one day Haze woke and said, how much does it cost to live like a man???
He left the question for the air to answer and stood on his feet, he went to the farm his father left behind, he weeded everything, re-cultivated it and became a farmer himself.

Villagers will pass as usual but things have changed, Haze was no longer the jobless sitting outside all times, they wont give him tokens anymore, no tubers, no greeting. They felt he was rising. They began to hate him.

Angel Haze said…
” When I was at the bottom, I saw everybody watching,
but when I said it was my time, everyone started clocking”

The moment you realise to live life is not by tokens, and you take a stand on your feet,
Then you have made a call to contend with the world.
A step to success is a battle with the strongests

Angel continued…
She said, go haze they can’t stop you
If they can’t lift you then than means they can’t drop you
The pinnacle if they can’t reach you then they can’t top you
They can’t do anything that you are about to.

When you realise how lonely the top is without you there, then you will race faster, reject the tokens, fight the battle, and with God.
You shall win

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