What annoying boyfriends do

Here are some annoying boyfriend
habits, I and some girls actually hate😠😠

• When they act like they are “alpha”
Women hate it when men think they run the show and start acting like it. Every relationship is about equality, no man should have any authority over the woman they’re dating, that’s not what love is and that’s not how relationships work.

•When they start keeping checks.
This is actually true, my friend kept on complaining bout how her boyfriend keep constant check on her activities, who she is hanging out with, what she does in her free time etc. Haba! This is something girls hate! undecided

•When they stare at other girls.
Some guys would be like “boys will be boys”, but no, that shouldn’t be the justification for anything, if you love your girl, don’t make her feel like someone else is better than her, she should be the prettiest and hottest in your eyes.

•When they don’t pay attention.
This really gets women upset. Men!
Men!! Men!!! Pay attention to your lady, don’t make her feel under appreciated.

•When he lies about his budget.
Imagine what would happen if a girlfriend asks her boyfriend for money and he tells her that he’s living on some crazy budget, the next day he goes out and buys himself an iPhone 6.

Not returning calls.
But why? Men can be careless about
managing calls and texts and that annoys their girlfriends extremely.

•Encouraging you to become best
friends with his Closest female friend
even when you have nothing in common.Shoro niyen

•When they threaten their girlfriend
with olosho because she refused him
s*x.Guys and Iranu sha

So please guys respect your lady and show true love!!! God Bless all…..One Love❤

Via http://www.banjeloblog.com