ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
15 nov 2015

My aunt was at the burial ceremony of her 68 years old boss at work.
This was a man loved by all, he was an enemy to none, a friend to all.
But the man never achieved a thing, even despite his higher rank and level at work, this man could not have a house, no car, no wife no children.

What a miserable life

Everything ended about the interment service, the wailers were wailing back home.
Everybody in black but suddenly something happened.

My aunts friend looked back and saw what others couldn’t see.
She saw a big fancy baasket full of all kind of fruits dropping from the sky, immediately the basket fell on the man’s grave, then a voice sounded.

“This is your glory we stole yeh man, take it back”

My aunt’s friend broke to tears.

The man worked while alive but he never attained anything.
The glory if his the enemies stole was giving back but it was too late
Its too late for him because he is already Late

I seek the permission to wear the anointed shoe of a prophet and say this one word to you!!!.

It will never be too late for you


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