ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
16 Nov, 2015


It was sunday night, little john was ready to sleep.
Little john was happy because his 8th birthday would be the next day. So he knelt and said.

Father lord, now am laying to sleep,
I pray lord, keep my soul
But if I die and never wake
Then lord, let it be you that will take my soul

It was a blissful morning in Little john’s house, early monday morning, everyone had woken, getting prepared for the birthday ceremony.
Soon, everyone was set,
Little john’s mother was dancing to and fro the house, she eventually decided to wake her son and she headed to his bedroom.

Oh my people, it was a party of wail
Little john had died.


Little john prayed on sunday night
I guess you never did

Little john slept
You also slept yesterday

Little John never woke this morning
But you had woken.

Every morning is a dawn of another hope-filled day
It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t blessing, it is grace.

Who will join us and say Thank You Lord.

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