ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
18 nov 2015

I was having a walk with a friend yesterday, then we came by some children on their way from school.
Then something amused my friend
These children reached a certain spot where there seems to be space so in no time, they had done a goal pole with stones, they divided themselves into team and started playing football

But what really amused my friend was why the kids could not wait till they get home and how important the fun was to them that they decided to set up a field on the way.

I laughed and said, ” Let them have the fun while they can”, there is no fun they could ever think of that we never had while we were young but there is no time for those anymore.

“To every action in life, Time is the determinant”.


When a children doesn’t really see the reality of life, don’t beat them, don’t nag them, leave them to Time.

You might see a 45years old jobless man with a first class singing “I ain’t gat no worries”

And you might also see a 22years old roaming the depths of streets just to become somebody and not anybody.

The two categories are virtually different, their actions is based on what their time reveals to them.
But still, Time waits for no man.

Always remember this…

( Life is a world of roses only for those whose predecessors have a zillion bouquet of flowers ).

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