Let me start by asking this question; do you know Malala Yousafzai?

In case you are hearing her name for the very first time. She is just eighteen years of age and one of the most famous persons in the world today. Similarly, she is among the Top 50 most influential persons in the world as you read this.
Malala Yousafzai is a Nobel Peace prize winner and the youngest individual to receive such of its kind. She has had and is still having discussions,meetings, talks about world problems with powerful men in the world. She has had cross-fertilization on the misplaced world peace and the issue of girls with the likes of Baraka Obama (America), Goodluck Jonathan (Nigeria), Bill Gate (America), Queen of England, among many.
Her cross-fertilizion with Goodluck Jonathan, the immediate past president of Nigeria was based on the abduction of the Chibok school girls in Borno State, Nigeria by the alleged Islamic insurgents, Boko Haram and the mayhem the sect has immerse the nation (Nigeria) into. To her status are copious honorary awards from many parts the world obtained.
Maybe you do not know; because of her unrelenting and unalloyed campaign for girls’ education in her community, she was shot in the head by the Taliban gunmen in her country (Pakistan), while on her way to school in the school bus with her classmates. Fortunately for Malala and the world, she did not die.
The girl in question sprang forth from a poor home. She was born with no silver spoon in her mouth, if she was even born with a wooden one. She is not better than you. Let me tell you this; you are better than her.
Have you heard of Malala funds? It’s an organization which sponsors girls to school. The establishment of this organization was masterminded by Malala Yousafzai.
My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters—my friends. I want you to succeed in life. Life has been given to us once, and once are we with the opportunity to harness our potentials and best in it. Why sit back? Do do your best in making sacrifices. Forget about your age.
I want to tell you today that you should give up your cell phone. Some people are like, ‘if I don’t make at least a phone call a day, I can die’. I might hurt somebody with this; your cell phone is important than your success. I might also hurt somebody with this, but the fact is that some need to give up their cell phones because the time they spend on their cell phones could be spent building their success. The fact is; your cell phone is bringing you nothing but bills. Some will say they are not good at mathematics, because they have given mathematics no time to work it. Some will similarly say that they are not good at Physics, because they have created no time for Physics.
I observe that there is an act rampant this days; having boyfriends and girlfriends at tender ages. What a frantic act!
Comrades, what does it cost to lead a godly and goodly life? A life abstaining from unchastity, but rather cleaving to chastity. A life derailing from infatuation and lust. Is it a necessity to venture into unripe affairs and later yield unwanted pregnancy on the part of the girls and heart cry on the part of the guys as Fawole Immanuel Taiwo portrayed a guy in his ‘Heart Cry (Ogbe Okan)? What does it takes from us to hold fast to the law of chastity?

Jaden Smith, the son of popular Will Smith stepped to limelight, seldom appearing in movies. However, his actual impact may likewise be his Twitter reflections, such that are pretty absurdist. Exemplary to these are, ‘Anything You See In Any Magazine Ever Is Fake’ and sagacious ‘Once You Witness A Cycle Enough Times You Step Out Of It’ which got him over five million followers. He was also styled ‘Confucius’, a Chinese philosopher.
Likewise, “Hate Me Love Me Doesn’t Matter I’m Still Occupying Time Inside Of Your Psyche,” a lately pose by him, has relayed well of him.

The Memphis resident started his own bow tie business, Mo’s Bows, at age 9. Now—thanks in part to an appearance on the investment show Shark Tank—he’s running a $200,000-a-year apparel company touting licensing deals with Cole Haan and Neiman Marcus. Bridges’ latest accomplishment? Supplying bow ties to basketball players at the 2015 NBA draft.
Moziah Bridges is just 14 years old.
(Source: Google)

Not many people make national news by bringing a homemade clock to school. But the ninth grader’s arrest, after teachers and authorities mistook said clock for a bomb, kicked off a national debate over racial profiling—and a outpouring of support for Mohammed, who was personally invited to the White House by President Obama (who called his clock “cool”). In October, he accepted a full scholarship to a prestigious school in Qatar.
Ahmed Mohammed is a boy of just 14 years
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The Connecticut high school student invented a new way to test for the Ebola virus that doesn’t require refrigeration or electricity—a huge boon for the rural areas that have been most affected by the epidemic. Although it will require real-world trials before getting deployed, it won top honors at September’s Google Science Fair, a testament to its life-saving potential.
Olivia Hallisey is just 17 years old.
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You are not too young to make history. Go out there and lay a legacy, irrespective of your age. Legacy has, nothing to do with age.
Let me wrap all up with this Henry Ford’s quote. It says, quote, the whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it, unquote.

(From the august pen of Ayofe A. Malik)