ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
19 Nov 2015


Sofia was 18 and she lived with her grandma,she had no parents.
then one day,sofia’s grandma died.
Sofia had no one to turn to but kept praying to God in tears.

Then one day,a stranger came with
* 5 cartons of milk
* 10 bags of tea
* 25 carton of biscuits
* 50 wraps of candy
and other form of snacks

Sofia was happy that God finally helped her and she was free from hunger,but she was too clueless on what to do with the gifts.
Sofia would call her friends,they would eat and eat all day and not too long after,everything finished.
Sofia then started praying again but this time,there seems to be no more gifts in heaven. she then became a beggar, she was one day hit by a trunk while trying to cross the street. She ended up dead.

God walks in ways we cannot see but he doesn’t expect us to sit down chilling,we also need to walk too,then he will guide our paths

Sofia could not think of starting a business with the gifts,a business that would keep fetching her money even though she would still be living small as for the present. Sofia ate at large all she had and even gave to friends,she thought life is a mattress of roses

Sometimes when God gives you Rice and stew,he expects you to find water
He will serve you hot pap,you too find sugar.

Always make use of opportunities,if they get lost,they are gone forever,remember life doesn’t have a Recycle bin.

Message from ACEworld
We grace this medium as the entire family of ACEworld and Micheal Ace ( the pioneer of ACEworld Today) wishes a rare gem Oyedokun Adedolapo Janet a happy birthday.
We wish you a long life and prosperity, many more years you will celebrate. Amrn



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