ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
20 Nov 2015

It was at the market, i was trying to find my way home and i decided to take a path just beside a stall, there was this particular man before me but this man was just too slow.
The path was too narrow that I could not overtake him, I just have to follow even though I was burning inside.

But it got to a stage i couldn’t take it anymore, my destination was too far for me to be that slow so i buried my anger and tapped him, I said

Sir, can you please let me have my way?

He looked straight to my eyes and stepped aside, it was then i realise this man never knew i was behind him, he was just going at his own convenience thinking he was the only one on the path.

I bowed as a sign of respect and I had my way.

Its been long you have been on that path of success and goodwill but it seems there are blockages, hindrances, obstacles and impediments.
It seems your intents of being fast and quick since your dreams are big are delayed.

Well, what do you do?
Don’t plant hatred in your mind towards them, just give them a tap and ask them a simple demanding question.

“May i have my way please”

Those obstacles might be friends, enemies, co-huzzlers, classmates, anything.
Don’t believe the hindrances are there purposely for you,
Make them aware of their delay and tell them to pave way.

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