Don’t cry

Don’t Cry

Every moment i take my coat
I could see your eyes would bloat
I wake to answer the street’s call
and you sit taking a deep flounce
But baby please don’t cry
Your tears might wash my way dry.

I know of the pain in lonely sting
and the venoms you need to share
I know of scorpions that only sting
and the stratums you need to fear
Your crown of every single night
Who the hell will take the wear

I have to back the black pot
and stir the words while hot
Millions are thirsty for my hunger
The world is hungry for my blunders
The old grin at my parables
The young clutches for my laudables.

I speak the bitters of earth and man
But I won’t forget to sing sweet melody
all for your heart and mind
I travel the ins and outs
But will remember to trip you
on the drive from north to south
But anytime I suit to leave
Please don’t cry

Micheal Ace