The Hot seat of the Presidency

The Hot seat of the Presidency

Its been quite a while i got infected with a keen interest in politics.
But none of the elected specie of leaders ever got me crazy like GMD.

Well, I frankly got awoken to the flaws of GEJ, as everyone became a staff in the National bureau of Condemners.
What did we call this man?
An ignoramous?.
All because he came like a wave to our emotions, he won our heart and we won him the Hot seat.

Do you remember this advertisement?.
“When I was young, I had no Shoes”

This was the aptitude so lengthy that we became emotionally gummed to this Man’s dream,
He got all who were caught in his web scaling the altitude of defence. We fought for him

I really respect bloggers, because that gravely impact, positively and negatively.
This men of the web would keep creating new vibes, be it art, clips, jokes, and all sorts only to let out the shinning stars of Goodluck Jonathan’s flaws.

But we were all to blind to see the fire burning under the silvery seat of the presidency. We believed he was just too gentle to power the office, we focused on his smiles and neglected his fears.
We all got him humiliated, disgraced, slandered, but that was part of the gains of ever piloting a nation of Green-White-Green.

Since it was the dry season, we spat at the umbrellas and switched to the party of brooms, APC came like wind and we all joined in the acclaimed sanitation, all to wipe off the stigma of PDP, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in precise.


Then so sweet was the visit of General Mohammad Buari, he came as a symbol of the almighty, he was dressed in the robes of authority, wore a stainless smile on a handsome look, believe me, those wrinkles on his face were just a perfect sign of responsibilities.

Maybe because there wasn’t a better choice, maybe because we thought he could save us, it might even be due to our eagerness to chase the flies of Jonathan away with raid.
We let him in, we rekindled the fire under that seat thinking it was air-condition, we ushered him to sit, then he placed his buttocks on the upholstery of guilt.

Months went by and now it has begin again, the spirit of the wailers

Seems like he now realise the seat is hot and begin to wail, he made some promises, now he cannot fulfil, he made the front but he cannot retreat.

I recently learnt how Tinubu bashed him to stop saying “Nigeria is broke”

Now i am sure Jonathan will be making chuckles, mocking the Nigerians,

But can we ever learn the lesson of ………

“Trust who to be Trusted but Never depend on Anyone”

An Article titled “The Hot Seat of the Presidency” from the pennings of Micheal Ace

Coming soon is “The wailing and the Wailers ( a collaborating mesh between GMB and Nigerian)