ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
21 Nov 2015

Two sick men were in the same room, one could sit while the other could only lie on his back.
The one that could sit was placed beside the window and he will keep telling the one who could only lie flat about the beautiful world outside.
He would tell him, if only you can take the pain of trying to sit like me or stand then you will also see this beautiful children playing, this nice cars and the pretty world at large.

Days went by and this man that could sit died, he was taken to the mortuary and the one who could only lie flat asked to be placed beside the window as well. He wanted to see what his late friend used to tell him so he started trying vigorously, after three weeks this man was able to sit like his late friend and stand on his feel also, but when this man looked outside the window to view the beautiful world, what he could only see was the block of another building.

This man got furious and yelled out to the nurse, he asked why the view was blocked only when he was set to see the world outside, but the nurse made two statements…..she said
*that has been the way the window view had been since it was built and
* his late friend who told him all those was actually blind, he could not see a thing.

This man who could sit was only telling his friend about the good things outside ( the things that was never there and things he could never see) only because he wanted him to be able to strive and stand or sit, he wanted him to get better, he gave him a hope he never had himself.

Remember at the end, even though the man who gave hope knew he would die, he still left a legacy behind and make his friend’s life better.

” We all have stick in our eyes, but we should not be so blind as not to see the stick in our neighbours eyes “_ Micheal Ace

Everybody has their problems whether big or small but in the strive of solving yours, remember to solve theirs as well.

Because its time we agree that in this world…we are not only friends, we are family.

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