ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
22 nov 2015

A farmer was on his way to his farm when he met an old man, the man called the farmer and said in a soft tone.

” Remember how you keep your hoe whenever you get home from the farm, because one day, the hoe will keep you too”

The farmer was confused but he could not call back the old man, he then rushed home to ask his father the meaning of the word.

He got home and alas, his father had died, he wept for some times, everyone was commenting on his late father’s actions, some said he is wicked, some said he is nice and when it was about time to bury his father, he picked his hoe, bent down to the ground and started digging.

He dug to a six feet, he lay his father and cover him with sand. But immediately this is done, the old man he met appeared again and said.

” Son, take heed on your actions to people while you live because they will come back and say it whenever you die just as the hoe you keep will end up keeping you under the ground ”

Not all of us will be graced to wait peacefully for death on a bed, (these people often find time to reflect on their life) ,
but some might go with accident, plane crash, some might be flooded, some might end up being killed.

But no matter how it comes, people will always say whatever they know about our lives.
Your actions towards them, your impacts in their lives, these things will come back on the day you die not to mourn but to keep you as you have kept them.

“Remember how you keep your hoe because it will one day end up keeping you”

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