Breastless Maiden

Breatless Maiden

The linens of her scalp unseen
Dances like a star dangling
Beauty bows its epitome at her feet
But what do we do about our maiden
She has no breast

Blessed are the candles of the night
when heaven is making love to her
Right are wrongs that wronged her right
Morrow she said it will be our ours
But what do we about our maiden
She has no breast

Alake of Egba, Ooni of Ife
Even the Alaafin came and fell
When they sighted her elegant beauty
But when night came to lay with her
They fled, she had no breast
Tell us what do about our maiden
Because, she has no breast

Who will birth a son through her?
She that has no breast
who shall bellow at her nude?
None will height her heart to crest
What do we do about our world
She that has no love

I will say to her, our world
Though you have no breast, no love
But I will lay with you, covering your chest
And we will birth a paradise,
A child with breast
I will give birth to another world
Where she will no more have no breast.

A world without love
Is a maiden without breast

Micheal Ace