All about your state of Mind

All about your state of mind?

Well as a small child, I never thought I will be a writer because I did and still could do a lot of things but for me to have been a vessel to the spirit of penning.
Am grateful.

I did some introductions now, didn’t I?

You would have been thinking, or asking rhetorically what the hell I was trying to portray about myself and that’s exactly where State of Mind crops in.

For you could specifically give birth to a thought about me, for you could just at least picture me in your memories then you just have a mind, and that mind must possess a state of its being.

Then that is how we come about The State of Mind or rather the situation of the mind.

Permit me to say this beloved reader, am not the kind that write so lengthy, so please try to decipher the sentences in my word and pages in my sentence.

I will immediately go into the three practical and typical arms of the State of Mind

1. Physical state of Mind

Do you know, that everything that sprouts outside you is a successor of a seed planted in your mind?
Well if you don’t know, then follow this illustration.

You walk up to the street one day and see a man dancing while walking, he is grinning, jumping and even singing.

Sire, sorry!!!, Ma, what exactly would come to you as his state of mind?
Well if I am the one, I will think he has won a jackpot, contract worth trillions or finally get a YES from a ‘Hard to get’ lady.

Those things that can easily be decoded mere focusing on expressions and looks are the physical state of mind,
you will surely think of me as a nut seeing someone in pool of tears and still go ahead to ask, Are you sad?
That’s insane or what do you think?

We know somethings to be common sense. These are abilities almost everyone possess unless for the those out of their minds ( the insane), and this our common sense tells us the actual and factual state of mind of a particular person mere welcoming their address, composure and appearance.

You know an hungry man should be angry. Or don’t you?

But this physical state of mind can be crippled by some factors we are going to talk about.

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2. Mental state of mind
My sister told me, Pornography is a number factor in the world of disastrous viruses to the mind.

If i always watch porns, sex-tapes and all nudity acclaimed stuffs, then it will be a normal thing for me to see a lady and the first thing I will think of is having sex with her.
if such is your case, then your mental state of mind is tampered with already.

* When you cannot see any other virtue on a woman apart from a proposed size of her breast and butt,

* When you happened to be a victim of a disaster and the memories had kept your brain so clotted up.

* When you are addicted to alcohol that you can’t breath a 12 hours without a sip

When, when all this when when when are just to examplify to you the symptoms of a lost mental state of mind.

Your mental state of mind deals with your ability to google with your brain, the freedom you have liberated to your thinkings that it could tap into any wide range of knowledges, trials, wisdoms at a particular speculated time.

When a teacher ask me,
What is today if the next 8 days is tuesday???

Then a complete mental stated individual should be able to could just 8 days from tuedays backword to latter decipher its …… ( Try It but remember to check the answer at the end of the article)

Mental abilities deals with your reasoning faculty and it goes a longer way in your day to day life.

3. Emotional state of mind
I had my first love some years back but ever since this girl left, I have been dead emotionally,
But would you notice now that even though am dead emotionally, I still could write about things even concerning the concerned issue. That is because of my mental state of mind still being at office.

90 percent of the victims of emotional devastated state of mind are those subjected to a broken heart.

I would love to make an overview of this, emotional state of mind deals with your feelings, most times they affect and control all other states of mind.

This one controls your strength, willingness, abilities and all virtues in you.

This is a complicated state that it cannot be diagnosised by a layman. Only a psychologists can.

For more details on this, please consult a prolific psychologist.

State of Mind in general is simply the powers and stress you embed in your mind that ends up telling on your outside view.

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* Answer to the question is Monday

Micheal Ace