ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
24 Nov 2015

It was a racing competition between 8 states, But this particular young man was rated good, he’s been the talk of his state.
But when the competition began, the crowd began to cheer, they began to run.

But when they came to the middle of the race, this man was already dropped to the 5th position, then he looked at the crowd, exactly where his states were, he saw them unable to shout, they were not happy.
Then this instigated him and he summoned the whole energy he had and raced up, in no time he had came to the 2nd position.

He had done it, he was at the 2nd position, he looked again at his crowd and he saw them cheering and shouting, they were now happy but as he swifted his eyes to his master, he felt down as his master was not happy, then he remembered what his master used to tell him

” Life is in Binary, 0s and 1s ”

Then he said, its either I come first or I opt out of the race ”
Then he began again, raced up again, but he was still behind, he then shut his eyes and closed his ears but opened his mind, he raced with his All and at a moment he heard a loud cheer from the whole place, he never opened his eyes but he knew the race had finished, so he sat on the floor, he knew he wasn’t the first but suddenly he felt a bounce on him, he then opened his eyes, it was his people and his master, they lifted him up so high that he then realise he was actually the first. He made it.

Yes. He made it.

My principal would always say when addressing us then.
” Whenever they are mentioning the people in your peer or your group, don’t ever let your name be among the ‘AND SO AND SO FORTH’ ”

Remember Life is in Binary, Zeros(0s) and Ones(1s).
Its either win or lose, live or die, open or close, etc.

We all know Neil Armstrong as the first man on the moon but I don’t think you know the name of the second man, I don’t know either.

Aspire to be the first, because the first take the best, others take the rest.

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