ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
25 nov 2015

Romeo and juliet were this couple in out town, they loved themselves like God loved the world but one day the husband died.
The wife was so devastated that she stripped herself naked on the street weeping profusely and crying that the sky almost tear.

After all preparations, they were all at the interment service where the husband will be buried, everybody was in silent tears but the wife was acting like an insane as she was striving, shouting and crying to be buried with her husband.

Then at an instant, her legs slipped on the sands and the people holding her were carried away, so she fell down into the grave and right on her husband’s coffin.

Immediately she realise she was in the grave, she shouted in fear and was pleading for help but the people decided to leave her, she was really scared that she forgot it was her husband that was in the coffin, she climbed the grave herself and jumped out, she then ran away from the spot.

The pastor then said…
This is enough of a lesson to you all, no matter how much people love you, they will never die with you

The story is enough of a lesson to us as well
No matter how they love you and me
No matter their promise
No one will ever die with us

So live your life without being choked by some responsibilities of others, care and love them but never let them hinder you from attaining your height


No one will die with you

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