Back to my Root

Back to my root

A fierce tempest brought a whisper
That same wind that whirled my sister
A sojourn so sour that birds sing a song
Leave this place, a tune so soft

Earth, sun, man and moon
I am back to my root.

Their cooks spiced me trivia
my family aligned in serial
We were led to an ocean of salty tears
Awoken to the dawn of morning mares

I, we, them and you
I am back to my root

A place christianed our domain
where those who overdose on cocaine
are kept in state’s penitentiary
Our impalas race festively every january

Shoulder, waist, hand and foot
I am back to my root

How sweet we rode on unicorn
our predators threw some lexicons
How sweet was there smiles
See how sweetly i lied

Evening, Night, morn and moon
I am back to my root

Now we are home once again
It was sour but we made some gains
My world made a thrilling sentence
when she heard i was really sentenced

I will tell more when i see you
I am back to my root

Micheal Ace