Some funny facts

CRAZINESS – Is when someone buys BLACKBERRY

PORSCHE of #350,000 and landlord dey pursue his mama bcos of #12,000 HOUSE RENT for village.

FAITH -Is using the last money on you to buy wallet.(wetin u go put inside d wallet?)

STUPIDITY :- Is someone having SIX BIG CARS while living in a rented apartment (Eko for SHOW, Lagos mumu)

WEALTH- Is when you buy a first class return ticket to UK just to pick up a forgotten wrist watch (Money speaking!).

WASTAGE- Is buying a big MANSION at Asokoro in Abuja and only Mai-guard and House Maid dey live there (Political armed robbery!).

TROUBLE- Is slapping a soldier in front of a quarter guard in a barracks (You may not live well enough to tell the story).

IRONY- Is having the chairman of an Okada Association driving a Range Rover Sport (He cannot come and die!).

FOOLISHNESS- Is taking a #5,000 cab to watch a film of #1,000 at Eko Hotel…(Abegiii! Why you no fit wait for the pirated copy now?).

LOVE- Is buying suya for your girlfriend while you eat only the onions with tears rushing from your eyes (You love her
abi??? Hunger never deal with you).

DIRTINESS- Is when Cockroach, Rat, Ant, Spider become your roommates and you say ” God created them for a purpose! ” (Na lie! Na money wey you go use buy trap, insecticide no dey).

STINGINESS- Is when you finish reading this and you didn’t re-broadcast so that your friends can LAUGH too.


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