ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
27 nov 2015

Once upon a time, there lived a rabbit and a tortoise, they so much loved each other that they were always together.

Then one day a hunter stumbled on them and they began a chase, the rabbit was fast but the tortoise was too slow, so the rabbit carried the tortoise on its back, though the rabbit was not fast anymore because of the tortoise but they were still on the run

Then suddenly they got to the river, the rabbit could not swim and they could not turn back or else they get shot, then they exchanged position, the tortoise then carried the rabbit on its back they began to swim, they swam till they got to the other side, the hunter could not cross and that was how they escaped.

You are rich but you don’t have everything
You are wise but you don’t know all things
You are strong but there lot of things you can’t do

Help me and i help you, so then we make our lives better

Message from ACEworld

He tiptoed right behind me, he lowered his head and I felt a soft kiss on the lower part of my neck. I knew it was Micheal as he dipped his hands in my……….

Just keep calm and watch out for “Our Love Story” by Ms loto Mary and Micheal Ace

To be released on the 1st of Dec, 2015

Good Morning and please share



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