I Have Just Begun by Micheal Ace

I have just Begun

I grovel on the tile of heaven
I grass my pride on the loam of earth
I arrive with my friars and nuns
To homage our homages from heart

I alter as an auteur on this altar
All reclaimed and proclaimed said and done
The heavenly bodies in combo flaunters
That I have just begun

Those that dies know of heaven
The livings know of earth
Scholars know heavens are seven
The scriveners know I am born to write

I lost my virginity to the seer’s prince
But the divinity of the future I have seen
I let in the cascade from ancient bollock
And return from the future a sent warlock

Tell the clock to stop the click
And the click to stop to clock
Because I am yet to culminate the peak
I have just begun

Tell to my father I am the prodigal
His pen I stole made me a gold digger
But i will build him an abode of gold
A golden word i have dug in gold

Build me a cave, I have come to stay
Show me the way to lay with the game
Because I want to re-birth the reborn
I have just begun

( Gratitude to he that may never know, he that rekindled the fire of penning in me and dragged me to the world of poetry.
He, Sire Aremu Adams Adebisi. )

Micheal Ace


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