Love Fall Apart by Damade

This poem is specially written to all my ex-girl friends out there…….telling you all, that am missing you so much. Wish we never seperated!!!
LOVE FALL APART (A poem by Damade)
What about the harsh sun?
What about the stormy rain?
What about the umbrella of love,
That protect us from all this?
What about our trust?
What about our passion?
What about our love,
That we said we have for each other?
Have you forgotten all this easily?
All the love we shared together,
Memories that flow in our blood,
That keeps our heart beating in love,
Things that we said can’t separate us.
What about me in you?
What about you in me?
What about being us,
When we said, we will always be together.
What about the hugs and kisses?
What about our promise for each other?
What about our vows,
That we pledged our honesty upon?
Don’t you notice,
As our love crumbles?
Don’t you notice,
As we get farther from each other?
Don’t you notice,
As we become strangers to each other?
Look what we have done,
Why can’t we hold tight to each other?
What about our future?
What about our present?
What about the yesteryears,
Moments we spent together.
Days I used to dream in your love,
Flourishing in the atmosphere of your smile,
Always longing for more and more,
But now, we live as enemies,
Wandering in our deserted lost love.
What about rebuilding our love?
What about amending our broken heart?
What about things we can do,
to keep us back together?
Let us bye the past,
And move forward together,
With our hands holding each other,
Continuously in paradise of love.
……………THE END……………..
a.k.a DAMADE
ADDRESS: m/damadefans

©DAMADE – 2015.


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