WEARY SOUL by Matilda


My head’s spinning
The oceans in ma head are bursting
Spilling out through my eyes
My mind is getting messed up
My heart’s freezing up
Am cold….am lost

I wish to rewrite my story
Turn back the hands of time
Regain my lost glory
Take back the fortune I once called mine
Go back to where I started
Make another choice
Make everything perfect
Too late…..I’m lost

I look behind and find no consolation
Ahead…no hope
Above…no helper
Below…just the ground

I’ve sunk to a new state of loss
A new form of depression
Each morning, I vow I’ll be better
Each evening, I find I’ve been worse

Who can redeem this lost soul
Lead it to salvation
Lift it’s weary hands
Lift it in exultation
Dry its tears
Give it hope in expectation
I await an answer
My weary soul waits in anticipation