4 key traps to catch a Casanova

4 key traps to catch a cassanova

Please for God sake, if you find out your boo (boyfriend) is a playboy, don’t try to come to me thinking am innocent, go and meet your pastor for prayer because I have plenty issues also.
Thank you

Playboys are kind of Virtually funny and odd in their ways of address.
But you need to learn the tricks of a rat so that you don’t scratch your knees on the chase.

You are lucky if its only a scratch because what a rat chase fetch you is a broken bone.

So, Set them a trap.

Don’t chase his actions around to know who he is, kindly set him these wise traps

1. Stop playing the fronts:

His playheads aren’t dirty so when he stammers, don’t complete sentences for him.

His stammering might be a cause of his inability to recollect some lies he has told you, so you find him saying ” hmn hmn hmn”

But when you finish those words for him, you have just saved him from being caught.
You know where he is headed but let him take the lead in his dialogue, don’t act like you know what he is about to say.

Let him be the defender, midfielder, forwarder and also the striker of his own words but when he can’t score the goals, then seize the ball from him

He is a cheat

2. Take heed of sweet names:

The number of athletes in this team of girlfriends might be more than 8 so he will decide to save his ass by using general names for you all.

When he often call you ‘Baby’, be careful
When your own his ‘Honey’ beware
And if yours is sweetheart, mine, etc, shine your eyes well well.

Maybe you have once told him your names are …….., ( you know some people bears up to 30 names ), imagine you told him all and still all he can remember is your first name only.

He has gotten an ugly skeleton in his cupboard. But don’t bother trying to beautify the skeleton in the name of Love, just let him be and find your way.
( Skeletons are destined to be ugly, ‘winks’ )

3. Put his brain to tests:

You have once told him your birthday is ‘so so so’ date but you find him asking again, then there is problem

Ask him for facts you have told him long before, especially the more important ones about you, ask him and see if he would remember, if he doesn’t, then its either he has a brain damage or he is a player.

Test him if he remembers the name of any of your close friends or relatives, then if all you could see him do is smile needlessly without being able to pronounce a name, find your way.

4: Is he a sex-freak:

When all you see him do whenever you are alone together is having his eyes coming in and out of their sockets, if all his body can do is shiver like a drenched fowl and all he ever attempt to do or ask for is to play his hard balls into your fleshy court, then start praying for another man.

I often see some foolish girls…
Whenever a boy ask for sex, there question will be ” are you sure you love me?”
If you are the type that ask this question when his gun is already corked, then you must be a fool because you shouldn’t expect a different answer other than YES

When all his eyes can see is your plummy breast or the extravagant loads at your back, then take off your shoes, put them under your armpit and run for your life.

Micheal Ace
Your Ace Writer

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