A Place by Tukur Loba Ridwan

Whenever I look through
The rays of your eyes, blue;
And thinking of those places and pores
Where your shadow cannot see nor touch,
Where the sun cannot bathe nor burn,
Where the eyeballs cannot gaze,
Where unwelcome hands cannot raze,
On your radiating skin surface,
From the core of my hormones
Through the current of my nerves
To the receiving end of my south pole
To where seas of blood swerve
Accompanied by the throng of my cells
The rest, my body and sweat can tell
That I know there’s a place for me
Here on the sweetness of earth,
And in heaven too…yes!
And in between your supple legs
Where the treasures of lust are left
Spewing the fountain of satisfaction
At the climax of our urge
To dig and drill, deep downtown;
And in between the cleavage
Of the comfort of your luscious lumps
Where all of my teary thoughts
About this hectic, harsh world get lost.
I surely know there’s a place.
The radar evolves from your face
But not enough to lead me there,
Why your whole is needed right here.

(c) 2015
All Rights Reserved.


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