ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
29 oct 2015

Papa John bought a brand new car yesterday, it was so late at night that we decided to celebrate it this morning.

This would be the first time Papa John would be so happy, it was a glorious night yesterday

But unfortunately, Papa john could not wake this morning, we woke him
Papa john could not stand this morning, we carried him
He could not drive his car, we drove him
He could not take us out anymore, we took him to the morgue with his own car

We weeped and cried but we learnt
Their is this cloth you will buy that you will not be able to wear
There is this person you love but you wont be able to see them again
There is this door you will lock that you wont be the one to open it

Because we have woken, let say a big Thanks to God

Message from ACEworld
Our Love Story 1 and 2
Satan is gay 3
Our Doctor is dead

Our Love Story to be released in 2 days time
All this stories to be released before this year unfold.

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Good Morning



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