ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
28 Nov 2015

Yomi , a university undergraduate in one of the most prominent universities in Nigeria, did not have to define failure,

she was a complete case study. She wanted to succeed like her mates. She really tried. But her results always put her efforts to shame. She was always distracted. At the end of another woeful session, she decided she had had enough.

She began rigorous reading, serious class attendance, complete concentration in class, suspended all social networking until end of exams. In fact she changed completely.

That semester, Yemi was the second best in her dept. Imagine her joy… Imagine the excitement. She felt she had finally arrived. Her lecturers were satisfied. Her mates wanted to know the secret. The taste of success was not just sweet. It was delicious. Second semester began,

Yemi decided to take life easy.” I’m already there, No need to stress “, she thought. Well that semester, Yemi’s grades fell. Fell so low she was advised to withdraw.

Her previous success was nothing compared to her history of failures.

{ Written by Olufunmilayo Matilda(Pearlz) of ACEworld}

Success is a result of determination, effort and more effort. Prayer too

Success is sweet, but its formed with sweat.

Successful people are people who start their day some hours before others wake, and end it some hours after others have slept.

* Be a pace setter
* Start something
* Be innovative
* Be determined to succeed
* Work hard at it
* Pray often
* Success is waiting
* Claim it

Message from ACEworld
The long awaited ” Our Love Story ” is finally coming out in three days time.

A big thanks to Miss Pearlz of ACEworld for this message, more blood to your pen.

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