My symphony by Damade

MY SYMPHONY (a poem by damade)

I am dedicating this beautiful poem to God almighty for his wonderful grace in my life, if not for him, I wonder where I might be now.

To my parent for their never stopping support and understanding.

To my Uncles and Aunts for their continues help, you are all a rear gem.

Extended families, niece and nephew, friends, mate, social media pals and colleagues in school, every soul who had made my study years in school a wonderful one for me, I can’t mention all names, please don’t be offended, you all have been a great impact in my life and you all mean so much to me, am really grateful, have learnt a lot from you all, thanks so much.

Sometimes I misbehave, show attitude, act naughty, prove stubborn, annoying and never stop offending but yet you all stood by me, thanks so much.

Although the road was rough, muddy, tough, times when I face challenges that seem to sink me, storms that seem to swallow dreams, mistake that seems I will never regain from, fall that seem I will never rise from but after 6years in institution(pre-degree+ 5 years course) I finally became a graduate.
The past becomes a story and a testimony to me, yes I won all the battle!!! Hallelujah……….

Glory be to God in heaven!

I pray that God will never remove his hand of blessing from any of you people life in jesus name and he will continue to shower his mercy and blessing on everybody life, thanks so much, sit and feel relax and enjoy this poem as you read.


I want to sing a song like a Dove,
A song I can shake like a tree breeze control, 
I will continue to shake to it beat
Like a dancing pendulum.
Whether the pitch is on a high or low key,
Whether the lyrics is written in thousands of tongues,
I will keep dancing and singing this song.
My heart is filled with the rhythm of delight,
As Sound visit my soul like a bliss from heaven.
My spirit become overwhelm with song of gladdens,
As My body is cloth in regalia of happiness.
My head shake like a suspended balloon in the air, 
As my mouth keep singing the glorious clarion song.

World think am crazy like hungry dog!
Because they are deaf to my inner tone,
The tons of sound coming from my blissful heart,
As I am dancing and singing with my euphoria voice.

I will dance and sing it louder and clear,
Until it amuse the goddess and gods,
Possessed by their power, gift and voice.
I will keep singing to the dusts,
They will all rise to dance to my tone,

When I sing, will you dance with me?
See has goddesses Calliope, Clio and Euterpe dance to my song
See has goddesses Erato, Melponene and Polyhymnia twist their beautiful body to my beat.
See has goddesses Terpsichore, Thalia and young Urania cannot stop shaken their bum-bum to my rhythms 
Because Raijin the god of drum is beating the drum, has I sing my song.

Oh, see God almighty, sitting on his heavenly throne shaking his head at my cacophony.
See all the heavenly angels flaps their wings at my song.
See people dancing their tribal dance at my voice.
See everybody jumping, dancing and singing my song.

……………..THE END……………….

a.k.a DAMADE




2GO : damade01

PHONE : 08065413324.



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