A match is 90 minutes
A tv series is 60 minutes
A movie is 180 minutes
Morning devotion 10 minutes

Sleeping forever

Be smart to contemplate:

300 friends on whatsapp.

80 on the phone

50 friends in the neighbourhood.

In times of need 1 Friend

Funeral, family only

In the grave, alone

don’t be surprised this is life.

Verily only your lastday will benefit you.

If you find dust on your white.

Weep for yourself

For whoever stopped reading bible

For 3 days

Is called quitter

NB: You are not forced to share.

But as jesus says:
Remind, for reminder benefits the believers

Strange world:
Vanity after vanity as storms. Death after death

So and so died in car crash. Others from disease

Others walking and fell dead

All of them left life behind

And we buried them

Surely my day and your day will come.

You who delay sharing of God’s words for you are young.

Sorry it’s not written on the graveyard FOR THE OLD ONLY

Life is only 3 days long:

Yesterday – Lived and never comes back

Today – We live and wont last

Tomorrow – we don’t know where we will be.

So greet. Forgive and be charitable

For me, you and them will all leave…

Oh God we ask you a good ending. Grant us heaven, Protect us from hell fire…..Ameen

Brother/sister, if you grow up doing something you will die doing it and if you die doing something you will be resurrected doing it.

If you read this post and you gained, it’s reward… and if you share it, you spread it benefits.
Interesting stuff:

Streets – Busy

Market – Busy

Bank – Busy

University – Busy

Cafe – Busy

Restaurant – Busy

Stadium – Busy
Girls -busy
Guys – busy

‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​church – EMPTY

My advice is ensure you read the HOLY BIBLE everyday even if it’s a verse may God reward us abundantly.


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