You know: Call on God

” You Know ”

The moment you plug a key to ignite an engine, you expect a gentle vibrating sound at the instant.

But when it happens that the engine make some jests of you and kind of laugh you off, but it made no answer

Then you try to catalyse the effect of the fuel pump and you place your feet right on the accelerator, you begin to Push and Pop, hold and release, you did all that but still no response, the engine kept laughing.

Now you are fed up, you angrily open the door, walk furiously to the bonnet and lift up the lid, you pick a stone or hammer and begin to give the terminals of the battery the beatings of their life.

You did this to you satisfaction, then walk eagerly back to the seat, plug in the key again but STILL, the engine never stop mocking you.

What do you do?

Well, you are neither an auto-mechanic nor a superman, you pick up your phone and call the right person for the job.

Then that will come in his usual dirty green overall and moved straight to the engine plugs, he might wash or replace them and then ask you to start the engine.

This time everything become slow like
you walk sluggishly to the seat, plug in the key and ALAS, the engine give a sweet response.

You sigh and say, JUST LIKE THAT!!!

That is Life

Don’t waste your precious time trying to figure ways out yourself, your strength might fail you

Call on the maker that made you, I believe he is the only one whose palm can give Life a dirty slap and make it stop making the jests of you.

So my friend,
When things go wrong, don’t try anymore, Call on God.

” You Know” is a subsequent and continuous article from Micheal Ace,
So anytime you see on the screen written ” You Know” then stay calm and patiently read through.

To those who trust the pennings of Micheal Ace, and to you still held back with doubts.
I live for all
I write for Mankind

Don’t forget, “Our Love story” is coming soon by
MS Loto Mary and
Micheal Ace.



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