3 ways to handle a jealous partner

3 ways to handle a jealous partner

Believe me
I have heard of a professor who got married to a cripple, and when his student asked him.
Upon your wealth, profession and rank, why is it that out of all sweet and fit ladies in this world, you couldn’t just help going to altar with a lame?.

He said, because i am an over-jealous time, i know she can never be attracted to no man so that is why i married her.

This time its not solely about marriage, but also about your boyfriend and girlfriend,
Is he or she over-jealous?, then get her handled now

1. Don’t outstretch your veils to them (him/her)

I know of a being who doesn’t want you to relate with any other kind of his than him, and that is God.
But when he/she start claiming such laws then she must be hidden from because there is no how you can swim without getting wet. You can’t live without relating with people.

So the more you appear plain and lengthy, the more they pick offences.
Imagine you telling your over-jealous boyfriend that you took bike with a man and he paid your fare.
His irrational cerebellum will only give him a perception of a fishy smell, his thinkings would go off-track.
He will thus believe that something else has transpired between you.

Just tell them things ought to be told, keep the suspicious ones to yourself because he might end up slicing your head off with razor.

2. Always disrupt their(his/her) silence

Leaving them to themselves is like allowing a dragon’s egg to incubate.
Most times their silence is due to some insinuations.

They might have seen or heard something about you which has erupted a burning flames in them, so its better you make them talk so that you can know the site of the bird and how to throw the stones.

Jealous people are often hot-tempered, don’t let them sharpen their sword at the moment of their silence, let them open up to you so you can know the way forward.

3. Get impregnated with patience

If you can’t leave them, then you must learn to cope with them
If you can’t change them, then you must learn to be extraordinarily patient.

Don’t take thing high when they are higher, the result will be a highest disaster.

Try to assure them your love if that can neutralise the fire of jealousy burning in them.

Don’t really think of leaving them, another person might have a worse situation.

Micheal Ace
Your Ace writer



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