ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
1st Dec 2015

Two men were called for an interview, they both have their cars so on the day of the interview, they left home differently

They never travelled long when their cars broke down, they both tried all they could, their cars worked and they moved on.

Later, the same thing happened, the cars broke down again but this time, the second man left his car parked and went ahead on his feet running.
The first man would not leave his car, he kept trying and trying.

The first man later reached the venue of the interview with his car but the second man had already been interviewed and selected.

What a wasted effort!

Look back and see what you have gained!!
Whatever it is you attach importance to but keep holding you down, its time you leave them behind.

Whatever that is good but appears better that keep delaying you from getting the best you deserve, forget them now and move on hastily.

Don’t let anybody or anything tie you down and make you still cutting the bush when your mates are already building their mansions.

Detach yourself from people whose dreams are contrary to yours.
Join the fast lane, free yourself and be an Ace(best).

Message from ACEworld

Today has Finally come!!!
Just make sure you are set to read the long awaited
” Our Love Story ” by
MS Loto Mary and
Micheal Ace

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The entire
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Micheal Ace wishes you

Happy new month

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