Lamentation by Ms Loto Mary


I always think am rejected,
I always think am nobody
I always feel the wrong impression bout myself
I always feel am the worse
Why am I created?
And now He’s just there looking at me.
He’s enjoying it right?
I always cry not bcos I want to, but bcos there are a lot of reasons to cry
I always rely on myself since there is no one else.
I always feel intimidated,
I’m always sad cos there is no one to help,
I keep recalling on my past;
It keeps hurting me.
Sometimes I don’t see the reason to go to church again.
Fellowship with God sometimes is boring.
I’m tired of life.
My CGPA is nothing to write home about.
Did I hear u say prayer?
Av prayed but nothing is happening.
I read like no man’s business.
I fast almost every day.
Sincerely, am dog tired.
No one seems to understand.

Interesting! Is that what u think about urself.? Is that how u see urself? You av to forgive urself. You av said a lot of things about urself that God doesn’t like. Dont hurt God with ur words.

God created you for a reason. Check yourself before you hurt the person that cares for u the most.

This made me remember a story of a woman. Fine! She attended weekly services. She doesn’t miss Sunday services.
She’s a church woman so to say.

One day, she decided to start counting the numbers of time she goes to church/for church services. She looked for a big sack and placed it under her bed. Each times she went to any church service, she would drop a stone inside the sack. A stone for a church service. This she continued. In fact,
one would loose count if he decided to count the stones. It was plenty.
This woman told God that she wanted to know the number of time she went to church services.

You know God is faithful. He kept watching her. On a sunny morning, this woman decided to go and count the stones in order for her to know her services with God.

Again, God is faithful. She got to where she placed the sack. What a faithful day. She dragged the sack out but it was light and empty.

Surprisingly, she looked straight into the bag. She could only find a stone out of thousands.
She was the only one living in that place. “Jesus!!! What is this”?” Who took my stones”?”My God!who entered my room? Besides, the key was always with her.

Faithful God. God told her the mystery behind the stones. He said,”Its of no argument that u attend church services. You always go to church but ur services was in vain. You only go to church to warm the chairs not to serve me. You av been going there without a holy heart. The stone u found represents the only day that was recorded for you in heaven that u attended church services. ”

Imagine! Out of many days, she only attended church service ones bcos that was the only time she went with her holy mind which was recorded in heaven.

What are u going through that you are blaming God for.
He’s not a wicked God.
You can’t build a mansion and sleep under the bridge.
Neither can u work for God and fail.
Someone special said something, he said you work with God is totally different from you work for God.
Change your mentality. God is not dead. He sees everything, He knows everything. Why don’t you change your perspective about Him and do everything with a holy heart for the only Holy God.

Ms Loto Mary ©2015.