ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
2nd Dec 2015

Sean father told the police..
let me serve the jail time for my son,I cant let him go through this.

5years later

Sean told the same policeMan…
I cant make it out of jail alive,am dying soon,my father knew my health status,thats was why he wanted to serve the jail term for me…You just could have let him

The police replied…

You have 5 more years to go son,endure it,your father wasnt allow to do this for you


Although he is responsible for your well being. You and you only are responsible for your mess.

You dont pay for crimes in CASH, you pay in KIND and thats why no one can pay for you…

I know we are brothers, i love you and you love me but am sure you dont expect me to take the bullets when you commit the crime

Your depts are always for you to pay

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