When the heavens are closed by Micheal Ace

When the heavens are closed

And i will look deep down the earth
There my help will forth
My help will come from man
He that was created by God
And when i stumble my feet on stones
He will join me in wail of groans

When the heavens are closed
and my night filled with open bibles
When the glory of man heaven withhold
and my city war with woeful battles
Then i will curse the veils of the sky
I will bless the demons of the earth

I will shine in the Red and the Black
And sit beside the king of the earth
I will thirst for the blood of the unborn
And will dance to the chorus of the unsung
I will harvest my anger and pick a sword
To fight the holy Armageddon

When the heavens are closed
I will not dare seek aloft
I will cry at the feet of Mama
so papa will fetch me hills of manna
They will exhume for me my afterbirth
For i know they brought me from afterlife

And when the heavens are finally opened
i will be too derailed to see the glory
When the patients are thus crowned in love
I would be here buried in the graves I dug
When it begins to rain in fall of blessing
My hand will be too short to plead for mercy

Belzeebub will say to me.
Come, Let enjoy the curse of the hell
But i will say to him
Leave, you father of jezebel
But before i run into the arms of God
Noah would have shut the door.

And that is why,
when the heavens are closed, seek and wait for them to open,
You might just be too chanced
To be given the grace of second chance

Micheal Ace


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