Satan is gay 3

Satan is Gay
Part 3

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Who would have made a guess?, your always curious instinct could have been rumbling your intestines to know exactly what became of jamie who sent a man to a hot self-contained apartment always built as a six feet below sea level just to prevent herself from being raped.
Comodo had forgiven dango as they both knew they were being served a meal meant jealously for a python.
Before they could get another usual eye survey, they had slipped and when their motor neuron made a conscious flow of blood filament to their eyes, they had reached hell.
To their surprise, they met satan on his 12th bottle of magic moment, ‘not drunk anyways’, chick of various stunningly sized tits and body as figured as an ‘8’ designed by an ace artist were all at the service of the “lord of hell” while men who should have being chained to a drum behind churches were giving him caress coupled with kissed.

it was a party in hell.

Dango made another eye survey and could see something strange, he gave comodo who had opened the tap of his mouth as there was pours of saliva a tap, comodo looked at the fingered direction and saw Jamie.

Jamie was naked stripping on a old tagged pole with her breasts dangling loosely of her chest like a hung rampled orange.
Comodo waved towards her and shouted!!!
What are you doing here?

Jamie was too busy on the twist in turns around the pole to alter a statement in response to comodo’s question, then he changed the face of the question and wore it a ‘make up,

He said angrily
Why the hell are you naked?

This time Jamie laughed and now comodo opened the lids in his eyes and ignited the engines in his brain as could now see everyone was nude.
The long rigid tail attached to the space between his legs made the prove, as he could see himself being directed with his manhood as the pointer.

They were all up on this flame when satan made a halt and everyone used to the custom chorused.

“Our Lord Lucifer, let thou talk, your pigs listens”

Accustomed Jamie, comodo and the already blending dango made with their eyes a team of six and satan stood with his horns shouting halleluyah to the almighty.

Watch out for part 4
Micheal Ace
” Your Ace Writer ”