ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
04 Dec,2015

A young man kept himself on the trail of a girl, he obviously loves her and he will do more than anything just to marry her, but one day, on getting to the girls house, he met her father outside.

He expected a bash or rain of curses from the man but he offered him a seat and smiled, then he said

How much do you think it cost to marry a woman?

The boy could not answer, then he said to the boy, go home and seek the knowledge of elders for the answer

When this young man got home, he went straight to his father, and asked
Father,how much does it cost to marry a woman
The father replied
Well, son,i dont know because i am still paying

The boy went to the girls father and told him the anwer he got then the man said.

Marriage is not an issue of bride price, its a lifetime payment
Marriage is more about love but mostly about commitment
Marriage is not a game of Lose or Win, its a duel of Live or Die.

So son, you can marry my daughter only if you will accept to pay for the rest of your life.

Not only marriage this time around, generally, there are some prices that involves a lifetime payment and such are your responsibilities.

Think thrice about life because most times we dont pay in cash we pay in kind.

So today, put on the shoe of responsibility, face that thing ecpected of you, carry the cross and let us go.

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