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ACEworld Today
3 Dec 2015

A nice cup gives you an impression even though the tea has not been tasted

We have all come across an angel,people we grow a feeling of likeness for just at the first sight.even if they are as wicked as a snake,their appearance has given them an opportunity in your eyes

We all are dating or have dated someone,many of them are not people we know beforehand,if yours happen to be like,they walk up to u and express their mind,you replied and later on see them worth giving a chance,then this question goes for you

Why did you give them such thing like audience?
After they had spoken their mind,why did you see them worth replying,why dont you just hiss and walkaway?
Why did you later see them worth giving a chance in your heart?

By then you dont know much about their personalty and attitudes but you impressionally think they are worthy because of their appearance,address and approach

Appearance,composure,posture,address,approach and others are factors of Attraction

Beauty comes from inside,attraction brings people close to it

Remember these
Looks speaks before voice
Apearance impress before actions
We get addressed the way we are dressed.

{ A short article by Micheal Ace, “Your Ace Writer”}

Wherever you deem fit to go today, make sure you dress neatly and attractively
Look responsible and approachable so that people can see the rare gem inside of you

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