I have a daughter by Micheal Ace

I have a daughter

When the wicked folks bellow
And the crescent cease to glow
Let them kill all that is mellow
and the cool blood gentle in flow
Bestowed upon me is all that matters
because i have a daughter

I have a replica of eve
Whose world will not be deceived
She reigning in stainless robes
The wish of all with upright forbes
Let the dirty slumber in their sleeps
they can be happy in their dreams

No man of evil near her dorm
She is the apple of the almighty
The white sky where the doves dom
The mother of all that is mighty
Tender in tendering tenderness
The best of better’s betterment

Death, I fear you no more
I have a daughter born in love
She that will throw dust on my face
When my feet are tired of the race
I have all i need to be a father
I have a daughter

Micheal Ace