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ACEworld Today
05 Dec 2015


Your Three Neighbours

1.Enemy Groups
You lose them and say No qualms
Yes you are right; there are truly no issues
These are people you part with and rest back on a bowl of peppersoup.

2.I dont care groups
Whether Chelsea lose a match or not, actually its none of my concern
But that doesn’t mean I hate the club, it just doesn’t interest me.
Whether you build house, buy car or get promoted, they don’t really get moved
This people are not meant to be lost but when it happens, it doesn’t affect your Destiny
It pains you when they leave you but it doesn’t affect your future.

3.Friends and Destiny helper
Sire, Ma, you don’t dare lose them
When you lose the first two, you have lost nothing but when this third one is lost.You have lost everything
Hold your friends and Destiny helpers, Do not let them Go.

Some people are meant to help your destiny, thry share the same dreams with you and they are as optimistic as you are. Don’t ever try to lose them, keep them safe.

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