The Gifted Minds

The Gifted Minds

I soar on a mild-hearted dragon
You will sure miss me when am gone
I ROM a RAM of a zillion tera
More than world’s million mega
Propound my drawer to a profound
I have a Gifted Mind

Blessed is that womb that homed me
Crested are the gems, my homies
I de-personify the hyperbolic abstracts,
possess what reasoning faculties attracts
I feel on top of a room roofed by the skies
I have a Gifted Mind

If i roll down the pant on my flaws
And you see mucus on my fancy cup
Then you will never close your eyes
Or make a befitting wipe
But don’t expect me not to sweat around fire
Still my mind is gifted, that’s the final Saga

Please dig not my grave as a lonely groove
And await not my soup with running drool
As a Gifted Mind is not a sorcerer’s staff
Do not ambush my troop with mockery
when am too short to gain your bursary.
The last man stands, I have a gifted mind.

{ Dedicated to “The Gifted Minds” Organisation,
am very proud to be a member }

Micheal Ace