ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
07 Dec 2015

Musa is 32 but jobless, then he decided to begin a transport business, he bought a taxi.
But everyday he wakes, he would clean the car, after checking all the parameters of the engine, wash and dust to give a sparkling white, he would arrange the foot-mat, place the air-freshner and set out.

Whenever a passenger board his car, he would give a cheerful smile, speak to them politely and even wish them safe trip ahead anytime they alight.
He had made it an obligation to clean the in and out of the car every 3hours, this keeps his car in a neat and conducive state.

His co-workers would mock, make fun of him and even blast him, but he wouldn’t stop,
In no time, he has become even more popular that the bus-stop itself, everybody has kept his time at hand and they will always wait no matter how long for him.

In few months time, he has built his own transport company and has become a rich man.

There is nothing too small or petty to bring someone to wealth and stardom, its just a matter of how you do what you do.
Study those that has been in the game, figure out what they neglect and include it in yours, just try and make a difference

You dont have to wait to be great before you start anything, you have to start something to become great.

Do what people have never done, re-strategize your business, modernize and rebrand and in no time, everything is going to work out.

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