ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
6 Dec 2015

I was out 9pm yesterday,i was about to cross the road when i heard a loud cry before me and as i looked, i saw clearly a woman and a cyclist lying totally lifeless.,it was an accident.

I was stocked, people were coming around, i couldn’t just stay and immediately i got home, i remembered the loud cry i heard, i remembered how hard it was for the victims to let go of breath, i then realise although it is true there is just a second between life and death but life doesn’t always leave a body peacefully.

Mostly death to the dead is pain and horror

I just wish and pray(if i have the power to) that you will never experience the pain of death.
May you never be washed in pool of blood.

Message from ACEworld
” Our Love Story ” part 2
To be released on the 10th of December

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