ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
08 Dec 2015

A young man met an old woman on his way, the woman was walking with a stick and suddenly, she stumbled on a stone and fell, this young man rushed to her, helped her up and asisted her home.

As this young man was about to leave the old woman’s house, he remembered what the old woman did when she fell, the old woman actually took a strange look back and when she saw the stone that made her fell, she rolled it away.

Then this man ask this old woman why it happens that when a child falls, they looks at the front but when an old falls, they look at the back.

The old woman said…
The life of a child is still in someone else’s hand, be it parent, siblings, guardian and so on and that it why a child will look up for help since he believes whatever that might have fallen him is best known to an elder, he believes he is safe in someone’s arms.

But a man of age will look at what is it that could fall him, he believes his rise and fall depends solely on him.
He is thus aware that only fools make the same mistake twice because

Fool me once- shame on you
Fool me twice- shame on me

I believe you are no more a kid, so now when things go wrong and you stumble, don’t look around crying for help.
Make sure you find out what make you fail, roll them away and never stumble on them again.
Because in Life
People can only help you at the time you fall
They won’t protect you from further falls.

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