ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
9th Nov 205

A man accidentally fell into a pit, the pit was too deep that he couldn’t come out. He was then shouting for help.

Then a Lion came and said,
I will help you but you will give something in return, the man agreed to give the lion whatever it ask for. So the lion saved him.

Now the lion ask, Give me your flesh as food.

Then man was shocked at the request but put up some courage and said
I would be willing to give you my body as food but it would be better if you eat me inside the pit because of other animals that might want to disturb you.
So the man told the lion to jump to the pit while he follows,
Happily, the lion jumped, this man just laughed, turned back and left unharmed.

Most times the strongest men are often the most foolish and reason being that they believe and depend so much in their physical strengh and abilities that they neglect the use of their brain.

So don’t get too frightened when you have a clash with them, just make sure you put them to a logical duel, they will surely fall.

There is just nobody that can’t be overcomed, what it takes is a little test of their intelligence.

Message from ACEworld

Our Love Story part 2
Dropping Dec 10

Its now under compilation, the new End of the Year banging story from the author of “OUR LOVE STORY”
MS Loto Mary and
Micheal Ace

Also watchout for
Satan is gay part 3 and 4
By Micheal Ace

Our Doctor is dead
By MS Loto Mary
Edited by Micheal Ace

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